Dogs and boats beer

Dogs and boats beer

Dogs and boats beer pr


June 20, 2013 12:36 am

June 20, 2013 12:36 am

A boat named "Miss M" cruises up and down the Ohio River, a waterway that separates Ohio and Kentucky. A dog named "Buddy" rides along for the ride.

These two could be any old couple. In fact, they are. They're John P. and Jean D. Miller.

The Millers are retired and have been living aboard Miss M. in Louisville since about three years ago, John says. They love the river and how they and their dog can travel the entire length of the Ohio River, stopping off at the various places they like.

Jean, as she prefers to be called, has a master's degree in psychology. They've traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada and Ireland, as well as the Bahamas, the Azores, Italy, France, Spn and Portugal. John is a retired lawyer.

The Millers say they met on the Internet while they were living in Washington. "We would eml each other on and off for about three years," John says.

Jean's specialty is psychology. She has worked at a university and is now in a career counseling program. John's specialty is the law. John retired from the law firm of Baker &, Hostetler in 1996, after 20 years as a partner. He has since started a consulting company.

"I've got all kinds of things to do, I'm bored!" Jean says.

The boat, which was given the name Miss M. by Jean, is in her driveway.

"We got this as a gift," Jean says. "This was a boat for my mother."

John and Jean say they met in Washington.

"She was working at the U.S. State Department," Jean says. "We met in Washington. We went out to dinner. We hit it off."

John has been on Miss M. since she was first built about 20 years ago, he says.

"She has a new prop and everything," John says.

Miss M. is a 38-foot Lundberg that can do about 15 knots, which is about 14 mph, John says.

John and Jean took a ride up the Ohio River, stopping at the Louisville Yacht Club and a few places that John likes.

"You can go to Frankfort and up the Kentucky River to get to Frankfort," John says. "Or you can go to Cincinnati and up the Ohio River."

John says he likes the fact that people can see Miss M. from the river.

"It's a big part of the river here in Louisville," John says. "When the wind blows, Miss M. just kind of hangs out there. It's fun to have people on the shoreline. You don't get that on the Ohio. You've got to go out to New Orleans to get that."

There are things you can't do in a boat, John says.

"You can't get into the Kentucky River," John says. "You can't get into any of the big rivers."

John says Miss M. is more comfortable when it's high.

"You've got to be able to come up into a little more wind," John says. "You can't come in when it's down in the low 30s.

"That's when it's really cold," John says. "It's not fun."

Jean says that there are two kinds of slors. There are people who can't sit on the bottom of the boat and people who can't go up.

"They can't sit on the bottom and take in what they're seeing," Jean says. "They can't go up. I was a slor once, so I know."

John says that there are no problems with the Millers riding Miss M.

"She's like a Cadillac, really," John says. "She's in excellent condition. Her bottom is good. She's very reliable.

"It's very safe," John says. "You can go fast, but you can't go too fast. You don't have to worry about getting hit."

Miss M. has been cruising in the same location for the last three years, John says.

"We came here because it's in the middle of the river, near the rport," John says. "The rport is down there, and it's in the middle of the river. That's what we liked. The location is good. There's not much traffic. It's just beautiful here. The weather is good. It's right along the river."

The Millers say that they've met some interesting people.

"There's been a lot of people that have been aboard with us," John says. "You get to know people here. People will come aboard and talk to you. You get to know them. They become like part of the family."

They've even made a few new friends.

"There are people who are new, that come aboard, like the dogs," John says.

The Millers have been making these trips on Miss M. since they bought the boat, John says.

"It's a good way to travel," John says. "It's a big part of the river. You can go up and down."

The Millers are planning to continue on Miss M. until the boat can't go any more, they say.

"If it keeps up, we'll do it until the end," Jean says.

John and Jean say that there's nothing better than living on a boat.

"It's so quiet," John says. "I don't have to pay for nothing. I don't have to pay for a car.

"I can go places and visit people and bring them back to where we are," John says.

"You can bring friends out," Jean says. "It's like going on vacation. We can go to the river. We go

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