Bernese mountn dogs of wyoming

Bernese mountn dogs of wyoming

Bernese mountn dogs of wyoming


Bella’s New Adventures

Last August I wrote a bit about Bella, our Bernese Mountn dog. I figured, since she’s now a full-fledged member of our family, it’s only fitting to make a “Bella’s New Adventures” post about her.

After Bella moved from being a house-hold pet, we’ve been keeping her out in the yard, where she had her run to explore and sniff. Last fall I got a little concerned that she seemed very “insecure” out there on her own, and a group of nearby neighbors suggested she might need to be “introduced” to all of her new friends (read, dog-family) before she’d feel comfortable.

So, at 6 months of age, we did a little “introduction.” This is an easy concept to grasp when we talk about new baby or young kids, but this is a really hard concept to grasp for a new dog. Basically, you have to “trn” a puppy to be a dog.

It starts with a lot of prse and excitement and very patient teaching (for both of us!). I tried to be as patient and forgiving as possible. I wanted Bella to see how excited and eager we were to take her out in the yard, and what it meant to her. So, it’s not always easy. I’m always worried that she’ll come back inside if she doesn’t like it. But, I guess, that’s just what we all do when we get a dog. And, I guess, we’re all very happy that she’s finally ready to explore.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a few photos of Bella with the family. They were taken over a couple of weeks and I wanted to include a couple of each “angle.” (See how fun that is?!)

In order to get the perfect photo, you have to set up a tripod and a remote. You have to be patient (and kind, and patient) and wt for your subject to be ready. And, it never, never works the way you think it’s going to, but you have to love it when it comes out. This one is SO different than I expected, but it still came out really well.

The first time we put Bella in the grass, I actually had the idea of taking a picture with my cell phone. It’s a good idea if you can shoot with a phone… otherwise, you need a tripod and a remote. You need to get to your subject so they are comfortable. You need to get the right spot on the grass so it’s not going to look like a huge mess. If the subject is in a place they don’t like or don’t want to be, it’s better to go find another spot. It’s better to move the dog back and forth than to try to force them to stay still.

You really have to be relaxed and patient. If you really want a great photo, you have to stop asking questions and just let go.

This is the perfect picture!

And, this is the other picture I did with my phone. It wasn’t as good. So you have to be patient (and willing to move the dog back and forth a couple of times to find a great picture) and you have to have a great subject (like this beautiful golden retriever, who likes the water and is really close to where I wanted to take her picture)… if you want a great picture!

This is still a very cool picture, taken just after I finished the first picture. And now the subject is closer and more willing to go into the water!

I’ll try a lot of new things this year, and hopefully do better pictures.

As usual, I hope that this year is a better one than the last. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your pictures!

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