My indoor cat wants to go outside

My indoor cat wants to go outside

My indoor cat wants to go outside and it’s killing me

My 10-year-old female indoor cat wants to go outside. She has a special place for her toys and treats (they’re in a basket in her bedroom) and there is a window that she likes to look out of. She sits and watches birds, but she doesn’t try to catch them (she’s not stupid, I know), and she just sits and stares and purrs.

At first she did the whole house to myself, but then she figured out how to open the door. She walks outside, and I don’t let her out because of all the dangers. She’s not an aggressive cat, and she seems very well-adjusted.

She used to follow me everywhere I went and was always in my lap, and if she saw something she liked, she would play with it. When she was about eight years old, she developed these crazy episodes where she’d start licking her paws and jumping up and down, then she’d start yowling and screeching and she would start flapping her paws and pawing at herself. It was a weird, terrifying thing, and I took her to the vet, and they sd it was anxiety-related.

Now she does it in her special place, where there’s a bird feeder that she likes to stare at, and she’s taken to scratching the side of her head and pulling out the hr. The scratching makes her purr and rub her head, and then she stops.

But she still wants to go outside. We’ve tried putting a cat flap in her door and closing it, but she’s found a way. We haven’t had any more episodes since last summer, but it still makes me crazy.

When I first got her as a kitten, she would sometimes get into my lap while I was watching TV. I would turn it off and she would follow me everywhere, and she always wanted to go outside. She used to jump up and scratch me on my face, and I got used to that, but I was scared to open the door for fear she’d be outside in the storm.

Is there any way to trn her to stay inside? Can you get her a cat door so she has a way in and out, or is she just a rebel? She’s not the first cat that’s had this problem. My parents have a dog and a cat who always want to go outside.

I would definitely recommend not letting her outside. Your situation is very common with cats — they feel like they have to explore, and if they can’t, it can be really bad for them. We all feel that way when we are young. If I am stressed out or have a bad day, my cat will come and be with me to comfort me. He’s been a very good companion for my mom and I.

But she should still be inside. The more outside time she gets, the less likely she will be to try to leave. If you start letting her out a little more frequently, and then gradually increase it, you will probably see her adjust.

@Cecilia: I can relate to this as my cat is almost 12. She’s always wanting to go outside, and every time she does, it’s bad. She is usually fine for a couple of hours, then she wants to go out agn and it’s awful. I have an open window in our front door, and she’ll try to use that to get out, then I’ll close the door so she’s in the house. She’ll start crying and then it’s a couple of days before she’ll want to try agn.

She’s in our bedroom at the moment. She won’t come when I’m in the room, and I don’t want to open the door because she won’t be able to come back in (so I won’t see if she’s OK). I can’t put her outside at the moment because I’m in the middle of moving, so I guess I’ll have to wt until I’m in my new house.

I can understand that you’re scared of the outside, and I can understand that you feel bad about it. I am having the same problem with my cat. He is 9 years old and wants to go outside and then won’t come back in. We have a cat flap but it will only go in one way. I think you should just try the trning plan for the cat flap. That’s what we used to get him to use and it worked.

I have a cat who loves to be outside, and this happens to all cats that have been inside, especially during the summer. We have a cat flap in the back door, but he wants to go out and he knows he can’t come back. I am considering a cat door. My friend sd you can use a small cage to keep them in until they get used to it. I want my cat to come home, so what can I do to stop her from going out?

My cat is 4 years old and wants to go outside, but we live on a farm and the animals are outside and it’s not safe for her. She really needs to go outside and play with them and explore. Is there anything I can do to make her stop and stay in?

If you think she is really ready to go outside, you could build a small cage for her and use it until she gets the idea that she can’t get out. But you really have to weigh the benefits of having a cat and the benefits of her learning to love being in her own space.

My indoor cat always wants to go outside. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the best solution for him. I just let him go outside as much as he wants

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